Wir[t/z]elle [ [host] cell ]

© Linda Luv 2017

2 screens Sony PVM 29″, raincoat,
hotplate, light boxes, lamp made of savory



This Performance is based on a swiss-german play with words. The first part of the title is standing for the words ‘host’ and ‘savory’. In swiss-german, these are similar written and do both contain the personal pronoun ‘we’. The second part is standing for the word cell and the french pronoun ‘elle’ (=her).

This performance is dealing with the topic of “green gold”. We as being europeans, are consuming many non-local products, such as rice, bananas, sometimes even potatoes or grains. By this we are supporting companies that are heavily practicing land rob in the north-african countries, with the aim to reduce costs and provide us with the freshest foods all-year round. But what is the price – North-Africa and its inhabitants are dispensing on land and food to feed and support us – to feed and support Europe.

And did you actually know, that savory is a local vegetable, robust and rich of vitamins, that is growing in Europe all-year round?


1. Biennial Stansstad

17. April 2018