Ending on a sour Note

© 2018 Linda Luv

Ritual performance, Duration 2:30h (long-term performance),
A table with two chairs, small glass, whiskey sour, aquarelle paper, lemon without skin, sound


This performance is part of the series Sensual Senses consisting of 5 different ritual performances reflecting our senses and their meaning in every-day life. It is based on the english saying Ending on a sour Note which basically describes a situation of an inconvenient ending. The setting displays a table with two chairs, me as the performer sitting on one chair, a small bar,  a soundbox and aquarelle paper. The performative act is announced over different signs inviting the observer to sit down and order an Ending on a sour Note with contains of a drink, a story and a fight.



…A drink, a story and a fight…

A table with two chairs, facing each other. A music box and a recording device are placed on the table. A minibar is positioned next to the table. A woman is sitting on a chair. Signs hung up are saying: ‹BAR – Sit down and order an ending on a sour note. A guest is taking a seat.

Woman (Performer): What would you like to order?
Guest: An Ending on a sour note.
The woman is mixing two whiskey sour. She is focusing on the eyes of the guest.
Performer: What kind of endings do you like?
Performer: I have a favorite one: Imagine yourself action, love, drama, tragedy, imaging any story that started before the end. Do you have one store in mind?
Performer: Here ist my ending to the story: A tiny bar, existing only of a small Bartresen and one single table with two chairs. The room is empty, except one women sitting on a chair. Music in the air. Into the darkness she is whispering he – you, make me one of those, those ones, that are ending – ending on a sour note. Her words disappear but quite soon somebody is entering the bar taking a seat and serving two drinks. Cheers! Long time, nothing happens, both keep silent, drinking. Nothing happens but it seems to be certain, that whatever happens, it won’t be any good. She takes a last sip and lifts her arm. Its time to put it to an end. Who ever is winning, who ever is losing this wrestling, there will be no winner, no loser, nothing but a floating picture of some sour notes. Are you ready?
Performer: … 3 – 2 – 1 – …


After the fight, the lemon and the lemon juice remains as a drawing and fragment of the performative experiences on the aquarelle paper. It visualizes the sour ending. The lemon will finally be cooked in sugar water and by that conserved to remain on the aquarelle. The recorded sounds and the images transform the performance into an installation, preserving the meaning of an Ending on a sour Note over and above.

Performers: Linda Luv. Photographs by Astrid Wellburn.

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14. May 2018