Garden Eden

© 2018 Linda Luv

Foodperformance at la kunsthalle, Duration 1:30h,
Performative Apero for 200 Persons,
In cooperation with Épices, Mulhouse, F



Garden Eden – an Illusion, because nothing is like it seems. Raised beds with melons. Beds of roses seemingly only existing of blossoms. A melon, that at second view no longer appears as a melon. At the end, the whole scenery turns out to be an illusion. Soil turns out to be brown chocolate and roses are smelling like powdered sugar. Herbal beds are grounded on bread pieces. Watering cans are offering wine, water and delicious melon juice.

Who am I actually and where am I actually? What is behind all these things I was sure to know what they are meaning and what they are used for? Am I standing inside a garden full of raised beds or am I standing inside the garden eden with comestible rose beds, melons full of sweet tasting salads and watering cans, that again and again refill themselves with delicious liquids?

Performers: Linda Luv with Épices & Crew. Photographs by Natalia Wespi.

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5. October 2018