Boden [ver]leitet [Ground is [mis]leading]

© 2013 Linda Luv

Performance, Duration 2:30h,
Study on the Dance of Walking at Max-Bill Platz in Zurich, CH


„I take off my shoes and enter the square – Barfeed with red toenails that are fitting my leggings. My pans are glittering in the sun and my movement are clear and precise. It is a sunny day. Touching the bottom of my feet on the ground I can feel the rough but slightly warm surface of the stones.“ (extract of my report)

The Max-Bill Square is a rather new product rising out of Zurich’s master plan. Placed in a surrounding of modern architecture that follows the spirit of a high-end society it is a place meant to donate an identity. But so fare it is a place without history, without political enactments. In this sense it is a ground without content searching for exploitation. The Max-Bill Square is made for following generations – but what possibilities can be offered in present times to appropriate and experience its qualities?

The space is build out of a triangle composed of different grey-shaded stones. It is seamed with a small metal edge and is lying on top of the ground. Like a carpet that invites oneself to walk on it and to develop movements and directions. I am developing a score for this square, following its own rhythms I am dancing myself spirally to the center of the urban carpet. Walking for 2,5 hours, I am visualizing the dimensions and excitement of the square – its own breath.


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23. January 2018