Schichtstoff [Layered]

© 2016 Linda Luv

3 Videoprojections, Soundcollage ‘Ecriture Automatique’


By now city ground can no longer only be seen as a walking ground. For centuries, cities have established parallel lines of the underfloor consisting of tunnels, canals and systems of metro lines. Following different speeds cars, people, metro lines, electricity and water are overlapping one another.

I am walking through the city facing the floor. I am looking through and start asking myself about the underneath. A parallel living. Time leap. Movements in walking speed. The metro flips and soughs. On the streets directly running above I do feel its vibration. And while I am walking my eyes start to focus on shoes that are passing by, wheels and tires – „driving by anonymities“. I am feeling the need to look through into the metro cabins where people expose themselves totally unmasked in density. Following leaps in time they are willed to betray intimacy.

Examining the meaning of time and movement I am sitting in the metro M2 in Marseille going from Bougainville to Sainte Marguerite Drômel. I follow the scenery, sounds, movements, talks and looks of my surrounding. I am recording sounds and start documenting my observations using the method „écriture automatique“. One journey takes 15 minutes. I am repeating this instructions three times. Afterwards, I am walking the total distance on the city ground above with a camera in my hands, filming the ground of the streets for a walking time of 2,5 hours.

As a room installation with video composition of city ground and the spoken words of my observations I am bringing different layers together. The monoton and slow moving of ground structures contrast the fast and promiscuous observations spoken in fragments of words and letters.


Sketch of the videoinstallation

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23. January 2018