Myht – Introduction into the science of transgression

© 2018 Linda Luv

Lecture Performance, Institute Myht, Duration 0:30h, Emmenbrücke, CH


Script Lecture Performance «Myht» – Introduction into the science of transgression [extract, translated]

5 Minutes before the beginning [Setting]

An aquarium filled with plastic trash, small items from the kinder egg collections. While the visitors are arriving, the performer ist sitting on the ground destroying the kinder egg objects with an axe. The overhead projector shows the symbol of the institute Myht. The performer continues her action until all visitors have arrived. The moment the performer is stopping the destructive act a voice starts speaking:

An overwhelming welcome to the lecture «Myht – Introduction into the science of transgression». This presentation is initiated by the institute of transgressive science. The institute is doing research on the moment of transgression, commonly known as Myht. Our research is based on the daily observations Linda Luvs’ that are conserved in her diary of transgression. As participants of the lecture, you can freely move in space. […]

PerformerInnen: Linda Luv, Julian Höll. Photographs Vera Leisibach.

5. October 2018