© 2014 Linda Luv & Philipp Hahn

Performative & mobile Jukebox, Bicycle in Gold,
Soundbox, aux-output for mobile terminals


I am walking through the city on a summer’s day, the atmosphere is mild and music is floating through the air. I am in a cheerful, sun-kissed mood and keep on moving to my favorite songs. Feeling extremly energetic, I can’t beat the desire to share this moment with everybody around me. Suddenly I stopp, stunned by what I am seeing – A MeloVelo (melody bike). «Hey, play your song to the world» the bike is telling me. I am docking my phone to the bike, hop on and start pedaling. Not too easy, but the arising sound causes a hypnotic state of mind. I start sweating. The music befuddles me. People that are passing by suddenly stop and listen to the sound. They start dancing. Deafening cheers. Smiling faces. The energy spills over. Once again I am giving all my energy up to a final happy scream and the music dies. Breathless but overwhelmed I am clearing the space for a following person. Extremely curious I am awaiting her «song of day». I take a beer end enjoy the moment.


Wiese am unteren Letten

Festival Gestohlene Räume

VELOGÄÄNG #Zwischenpeng

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25. May 2018