No Waste more Taste

© 2017 Linda Luv, in cooperation with Epices

Performative Apéro, duration 3:00h
Taped floor grid, 24 wooden boxes, 12 IFCOS boxes,
4 skateboards, 18course menu made of foodwaste


In dialog to the current exhibition „the world not ours“, curated by Katerina Gregos, in ‚La Kunsthalle‘ I created a concept for a ‚food-waste-dinner‘ that reflects and already communicates parts of the content and emphasizes similarities found in these two different topics „Foodwaste“ and „Path of a refugee“.

The rite of eating is a phenomena as it is one of the basic needs of human beings and in this way connects every human to one another. And while we are consuming, we are exchanging and reflecting our experiences and impressions collected in the exhibition space through communication. In this matter the dinner as well should provoke a dialog between artwork and observer, between observer and the topic of foodwaste and enhance a communicative atmosphere.

The scenography of the ‚foodwaste-dinner‘ symbolizes the topic of dimension / path / time / food / foodwaste and people. An arrangement of movable columns will be the setting for the dinner. These columns consist of different boxes, stacked on top of each other. These boxes are build of wasted materials and contain everything needed for the dinner, these will be the foods, the dishes, the glases and drinks, etc… While serving the dinner, the columns will be deconstructed as the boxes will be taken away to serve the different dishes and moved around the space. At the and of the dinner, the columns will be no more than an empty skateboard. The topic of distance, dimension and wasting will be visible and experienced by the visitors, dinner guests.

Performers: Linda Luv, Océane Parsy, Heythem Zitouni, Mélanie Manso, Busra Céline, Alexandre Fetet, Mohamed Amine Amirech, Zakaria Baala, Emma Lewankosi, Narek Antonyan, Oceane Augiac


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25. January 2018