Sweet Nothings

© 2018 Linda Luv

Ritual Performance, Duration 0:10h
Microphone, carpet, wooden board with make-up utensils, blueberry, chocolate, meringue, cake,
backlit canvas



This performance is part of the series Sensual Senses consisting of 5 different ritual performances reflecting our senses and their meaning in every-day life. It is based on the english saying Sweet Nothings which basically describes sweet, flattering words that do not necessarily have a deeper meaning. The setting displays make-up utensils and different sweets arranged on a wooden board. On both sides, candles enlighten the situation. Behind the board, there is a plane, illuminated canvas. 10 carpet pieces, five on each side, are placed in front of the board, each one accompanied with a small piece of paper. On the paper, there are four different sweets and a written invitation You are kindly asked to eat the moment I feed [myself]. As a spectator, you can either participate in the ritual performance or stand aside and watch the procedure as part of the audience.



The performer is eating the meringue. All participents are following her action. She takes the Marple sirup and brushes her hair. Afterwards, she is taking a mixture of sugar and color and tints her face. She speaks:

Your hair
And your face
nothing more
beautiful graced

as holy
as sweet
cause nothing’s
any more

The performer is eating a piece of chocolate. All participents are following her action. She takes the brown liquid and colors her lids. Afterwards, she mascaras her eyelashes. She speaks:

I stare
in your eyes
and see
so sweet

as nothing
is endless
incredibly deep

The performer is eating the piece of cake. All participents are following her action. She takes the mixture of sugar and beet-liquid and powders her cheeks. She speaks:

You are
not pretty
you are
very sweet

your cheeks
start melting
the moment
you eat
very sweet

The performer is eating the blueberry. All participents are following her action. She takes the jam and colors her lips. She speaks:

no thing
but pure reality
you and me

tendered lips
to touch
and eclipse
anything else

not nothing
but sweet

The Performer douses the candles. She stands up and walks to the canvas. As a final action, she presses her face into the canvas. Then, she leaves the setting. The imprint of the performers face remains on the canvas.


The Performance will be repeated 20 times in maximum. Each time, a self-portrait is remaining as a leftover of the performance. A series of in total 20 self-portraits will emerge with the repetition of the ritual.

Performer: Linda Luv

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25. May 2018