Wohin ist es verschwunden? [Whereto did it disappear?]

© 2017 Linda Luv & Natalia Wespi

Sleeping performance, duration 4:00 h
6 exhibition screens 29″, 6 videoloops, white linen cloth


We are daily receiving floods of informations, images and atmospheres, that embed themselves in our memories waiting to process further. These images are tempting us to wander around and delve into daydreaming. On the rund to the metro, sitting on a park bench or while sleeping we alienate images, overlap fragments and new pictures are arising. They do construct a new, personal inner world. What images do we deal with in the actual context and what does that mean? What images could we cluster oder put together to totally new ones? And what inner atmospheres are growing out of it?

Following these phenomenons we are composing a platform out of six monitors together to build a stable bed. We lay down giving ourselves up into daydreaming. The audience can follow these worlds of images on the screens and watch ourselves sleeping. Associatively they start themselve to delve into different but personal pictorial worlds. They are guided to ask themselves questions of classification and inner atmospheres. As silent intimates we keep themselves company.


Extracts of the performance at ACT Basel, CH

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23. January 2018