All es verschlingt! [World Eater]

© 2017 Linda Luv

Performative installation
Taped floor grid, worldmap ‘One Ocean’ (B. Fuller) made of carpet pieces,
Hoppers, paste, razor, sound


We are currently living in a society of abundance. Following the system of capitalism, we are consuming and using up. We are permanently getting tired of the old and are emptying our entire load into mountains of waste. And the earth is taking it all to the point of vomiting and all the waste – the human soul – rains down onto the world as a molten fountain of massiv consumerism.

In a system made of lines I am creating a situation of buying and consuming. I am following the lines in anormal but rhythmic movements collecting different pieces of carpets, forming a map of the world (after Buckminster Fuller) on the ground. Sound of Cash machines and music that used to be played in the supermarkets of the 80th are supporting that scenery, absurd and ordinary at the same time. One after the other I am collecting hoppers that will be hanged on top of the map. In a second act, I am razing the carpets as if shearing off the resources of the world. Paste is floating through the hoppers on to the ground, beyond the borders of the carpet into the wideness of the system. I place myself into the center, right into the final inundation.

Consumption, gear, processes of eating up, luxury and last but not least the power of systems are topics the performance is anstossen. As an installation, the setting remains till the end of the dry out of the kleister and the completion of the transformation.

Extracts of the Performance at ACT Zürich, CH

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23. January 2018