Eating Sense

© 2018 Linda Luv

Foodperformance at la kunsthalle, Duration 1:30h,
Performative Apero for 200 people,
In cooperation with Épices, Mulhouse, F



The terms to describe our different tastes are not only used to describe the different flavors – over the years we have implemented those terms to describe situations, things, people and feelings in every day live. A cake can be sweet. A cat can be sweet. The words you just said have been sweet. Nevertheless – each language has its own ‘double meanings’ and sayings based on our sense of taste. In english, there are the following sayings:

Sweet Nothings – description of nice and lovely words, compliments, love whispering.

Ending on a sour Note – Not a bad end, not a good end but containing uncomfortable elements.

Till the bitter end – up to the point oneself can’t go any further.

Ripping salt into the wounds – a situation that is already bad – anybody making fun of it, keeping talking about it, is making it even worth.

Umamilicous – as umami is a tase being discovered rather late, so far, there is no description or saying in any of our languages.

Therefore, food is not only food but firmly established in everyday life. Food and its taste is actually forming our feelings and expressions. Based on this, I developed different Food Sculptures, one for each taste. The moment the public started to eat and by this reducing and reshaping the sculpture, performers being ‘sculptors’ startet to interact and replace the missing foods.

Performers: Linda Luv, Chhum Srima, Zitouni Heythem, Meyer Dylan, Dickele Océane, Beligny Charlotte, Hermann Audrey, Diemunsch Linda, Lavaud Sophie, Studer Morgane, Bittermann Ambre, Weill Stéphanie, Haeberlin Isabelle. Photographies by Natalia Wespi / Linda Luv.


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17. April 2018